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5 Tips to Help You Prepare For Tax Season

With tax season almost upon us, millions of Americans will soon consult with their respective tax professionals to prepare an end of the year return. While many might 'know the drill' when it comes to having their taxes prepared, there are also plenty of first-timers out there who have never worked with a tax professional. [...]

What You Need to Know If You Have Self-Employment Income

There’s a pretty prevalent misconception out there that if you make your own way -- in your business or as an independent contractor -- that you only have to account for your income taxes at the end of the year. A lot of people also incorrectly think that, if they have a side business in [...]

When Tax Software Might Not Be The Best Choice

Tax software is great, if you have a scenario that works well within its confines. For example, if you’re a college student who makes very little money annually, and you don’t have any investments or deductions besides the standard deduction – sure, use tax software. But are your taxes that simple? If you have deductions [...]

6 Ways You Can Actually Live While on a Budget

Part of having money is saving money, and that means living on a budget. This should apply even if you have a healthy income, because one day you might want to retire, which requires a lot of reserve funds. That being said, you can be on a budget and truly enjoy your life. Here are [...]

The 4 Worst Financial Decisions You Can Make

Some of these points are intuitive, but worth emphasizing; others are less obvious and pretty philosophical. Read the list and make sure you aren't making these mistakes. 1. Taking out an excessive loan to buy a car This may come as a shock, but a car is a horrible investment. A car purchase is generally [...]

Where Your Federal Tax Dollars Go

Where does your tax money go when it’s taken out of your paycheck every two weeks? Or, in the case of contractors and small businesses, when you send in your quarterly payments to the IRS? While knowing this information won’t make filing your taxes any easier, you’re probably interested in hearing how your money is [...]

5 Tips to Help You Get Control of Your Student Loans

Do you hate student loans? I know I do. I've had to deal with them for several years now. But you know what? I’ve made some real headway. How did I do it? I thought proactively about how I was going to pay them off, studied, and then took action. The principle is a simple [...]

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