5 Fascinating TED Talks to Inspire Your Economic Philosophy

Economics, as it relates to a person’s life, is multifaceted. And, it’s not always related to money. For example, if time is the scarcest resource, how do you use it? Does happiness matter? And, how about success? Should you focus on it? If happiness and success matter, how do you allocate your time? Or, what’s [...]

What You Can Learn From This Past Tax Season

With tax season over, one of two scenarios likely occurred: You either got a refund that's currently greasing your wheels, or you had to dig into your pockets to pay what you owed. Maybe this was by design, but then again, maybe it wasn't. Whether you owed money, didn't get a big enough refund or [...]

3 Practical Ways to Use Your Tax Refund

All year we pay into our taxes. And, at the end of year, the government gives back anything we’ve overpaid in the form of a tax refund. Refunds are great – they provide extra cash to line our pockets. But if you’re one who gets a sense of euphoria upon receiving your refund, I urge [...]

5 Financial Goals Everyone Should Set For 2015

They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Well, an ounce of planning has to be worth at least that. So this year, along with your New Year’s resolutions, why not tack on a few financial New Year’s resolutions? Here are a few that aren’t really that difficult, and that [...]

5 Financial Signs That You’re Getting Older

Nowhere can the aging process become more apparent than when you compare the stark differences between the financial you of today and yesteryear. The list to follow outlines five financial signs that you’ve attained -- I’ll put this delicately -- maturity. 1. Tis better to give than receive You know you’ve ripened when it seems [...]

6 Ways You Can Actually Live While on a Budget

Part of having money is saving money, and that means living on a budget. This should apply even if you have a healthy income, because one day you might want to retire, which requires a lot of reserve funds. That being said, you can be on a budget and truly enjoy your life. Here are [...]

The 4 Worst Financial Decisions You Can Make

Some of these points are intuitive, but worth emphasizing; others are less obvious and pretty philosophical. Read the list and make sure you aren't making these mistakes. 1. Taking out an excessive loan to buy a car This may come as a shock, but a car is a horrible investment. A car purchase is generally [...]

5 Tips to Help You Get Control of Your Student Loans

Do you hate student loans? I know I do. I've had to deal with them for several years now. But you know what? I’ve made some real headway. How did I do it? I thought proactively about how I was going to pay them off, studied, and then took action. The principle is a simple [...]

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