IRS Payment Plans and IRS Debt

For Individuals and Contractors

Setting up IRS payment plans

So, you owe the IRS money. They’ve sent you a notice letter, explaining that you have an outstanding balance, or maybe you’ve done your taxes and you don’t have the money that you owe for the year.

This seems intimidating, but luckily the law allows taxpayers, in most instances, to set up an installment agreement whereby you can pay over a period of time with smaller payments you can afford.

Fundamentally, we’ll make sure that your installment plan is set up, approved, and your tax debt is well on its way to becoming extinct, so that you can move on with your life and your money.

Settling an IRS debt

One of the most frightening scenarios a taxpayer can encounter is a tax debt that he or she knows can’t be paid. It’s just too high, and adding insult to injury is the fact that interest and penalties are still accruing.

If this describes your situation and you feel buried under a mountain of tax debt, possibly facing bankruptcy, liens, or levies, talk to us. We may be able to settle the debt at a fraction of what its face value is, thus taking some of the heat off you.


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